Bio-Metrices Solutions

"Biometric" come from the Greek words "bio" (life) and "metric" (to measure). Biometrics are technologies used for measuring and analyzing a person's unique characteristics. There are two types of biometrics: behavioral and physical. Behavioral biometrics are generally used for verification while physical biometrics can be used for either identification or verification.

What are biometric systems used for?

Biometrics are used for identification and verification:

Identification is determining who a person is. It involves trying to find a match for a person's biometric data in a database containing records of people and that characteristic. This method requires time and a large amount of processing power, especially if the database is very large.

Verification is determining if a person is who they say they are. It involves comparing a user's biometric data to the previously recorded data for that person to ensure that this is the same person. This method requires less processing power and time, and is used for access control (to buildings or data).

How biometric systems work?

Biometric devices normally consist of 3 elements:

  • a scanner / reader that captures the user's biometrics characteristics
  • a piece of software that converts this data into digital form and compares it with data previously recorded
  • a database, which stores the biometric data

The process comprises 4 main steps: sample capture, feature extraction, template comparison, and matching. At enrolment, a person's biometrics is captured by the scanner. The software converts the biometric input into a template and identifies specific points of data as "match points". The match points are processed using an algorithm into a value that can be compared with biometric data in the database.

Our Solutions:

Currently Erniyes Technology Provide Bio-Metrices Solution to the numerous Organizations, Schools and Companies. Our Featured Bio-Metrices Solutions Are:-

  • Attendance Management
  • Authorization Locking Devices
  • Attendance Management System Software
  • Authorized Entry Management System Software